Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why They Hate Sarah Palin - The Real Reason (WARNING! This blog post contains profanity and expresses the offensive opinion of an offended person!!)

I have been keeping this blog unpolitical since I started it, but now I can no longer sit by and let the spiteful, acid-dripping viciousness go on without comment. Yeah, I like Sarah Palin. I think she's great. Fuck you if you don't like it! I've had it up past my bald head with the unremitting bloodletting that has been underway since she first came to national attention when McCain won my vote and the votes of others like by nominating her as his running mate!

Her critics have never been fair to her for a moment. She has held herself up with extraordinary grace and poise, which has to be judged, not just by what she has said and done, but by what she has not given in to temptation to say or do in response to the constant stream of viper venom spat her way by the hissing snakes of the political media elite, the whole Crowd of Cocktail-Party Cunts!

Peggy Noonan's hit piece put it over the top. I am past my tolerance threshold. Don't bother looking for a link to it here. If you haven't read it, consider yourself lucky. I will not help you become polluted.

I am pissed off. I can't stand it anymore. You see, I know the real reason for all this, and for why it has continued for eight months since the election. It's not just her politics (although if not for her politics, that which truly fuels this hatred would actually endear her to her detractors).

So now I am going to hold up a mirror to you Naked Emperors out there. You ain't smarter than her! She's a grown-up! I am going to force you to face the real reason why you hate her. Here it is:

She's HOT!

That's it. Women who already would dislike her for her pro-life politics, her religious convictions, and her folksy ways, find it to be a twisting of the knife that she is beautiful and charming. The fact that she has an equally good-looking husband and her children are, respectful and well-behaved (for the most part) does nothing to endear her to them, either. What really gets their dander up is the fact that she has the nerve to look as good as she does.

And what about the men who hate her? Why do they hate her? Because she's hot. Because they hate the fact that they have the hots for her. And, more importantly, because the women that they have any chance at all of having sex with any time soon hate her, so they better hate her, too!

Her politics do not make her unique. Her accomplishments as a governer are exemplary and admirable, but they, too, would be shrug-worthy from the liberals if she were a guy. They would long ago have forgotten about a male Alaskan Governor turned McCain running mate with Palin's accomplishments. I imagine that a male VP nominee governing Alaska would have been yesterdays' news before the day of his announcement was even out. And if it were Governer Todd Palin, the women-critics would never have gone after him sharpened-claws-out the way they went at the Honorable Sarah. The attacks would have been considerably less intense, and they would have been over by now, and a Governer Todd Palin as the former VP nominee would not have been subject to one sleazy obstructionist legal action after another, so he would still be the sitting Governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin is not just the first female Republican Vice Presidential nominee. She is the first hot chick on a major party ticket in American history. That not disrespectful, mind you. There is nothing wrong with being a hot chick. It doesn't make her dumb. It doesn't take away from her accomplishments, or her record. It has, however, provoked the immaturity of liberals, stuck as they are in perpetual adolescence. Usually this stuntedness shows itself in the fact that they never outgrew the adolescent rebelliousness that is the root of their hatred of traditional beliefs and values, which they associate with their parents and their parents' generation. But now, it comes out in their hatred of Sarah Palin because she is the beauty contest-winner, the prom queen, the hottie.

To wit:

It makes them hate her beyond all reason, as much if not more than they hated George W. Bush. Now, instead of Bush Derangement Syndrome, we are being treated to Palin Derangement Syndrome.

If she were a Democrat, however, they would forgive and excuse anything and everything, and they would love that she was a hottie. They would adore her if she agreed with them on abortion on demand and socialist government programs as the panacea, capable of curing all our ills. In fact, she, not Biden, would be Obama's VP if she were a Democrat. Because she's hot. but instead, she's a Republican, and therefore they hate her as much as they have ever hated any Republican. Because she's hot.

Well, grow the hell up, people!